Database of Çarshia e Jupave Heritage

Complex “Çarshia e Jupave” is located in the “Grand Bazaar” of Gjakova. The building was originally built by Batusha family in the nineteenth century. XVIII. He later moved to the Buza family. After the Second World War, the Communist system confiscates the wealth of the Buza family and grants it to the Petrovic family. Later, the Petrovic family divides the old 16-acre tower into two parts and sells it to the family Jupa and Kusari. The old tower was on three floors and was completely burned during the 1999 war. The tower was rebuilt after the war by the Jupa family, preserving the features of the old tower. This complex today is used as a hotel and business object (shops).

The complex consists of a three-story stone tower, which is connected with the complex of shops of “Çarshia e Jupave” and “Grand Bazaar”. The ground floor consists of a café, on the ground floor there is a seminar room with a restaurant and on the second floor there are chambers constructed the same as the old tower of kullas combined with traditional ethnology. It is the first object in which the restoration method (integrated conservation) has been used, where the old traditional elements are used in the new object during the restoration of the object. The cross-sectional structure is “concrete-arm”, the interconstruction is built with old wooden beams. The roof structure is of wood covered with old caskets. Doors and windows in the building are made of bushwood. The interior walls of the interior are from the rocks of the river. The tower as a whole is a copy of the traditional towers, typical of the Dukagjini Plain.

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