I made this anniversary of the Chipmunks couple of sentences for an example work in our town, Gjakova, which is looking for tourism development. This branch of the economy, which experts say we can see as a commune.

First there is natural beauty, there are rivers, shores, hills and forests. Secondly, there are a number of cultural and historical monuments of interest to visitors. Third, it has an ancient tradition of hospitality and has had its own luxury hotels that know how to offer hospitality to both the traditional and the contemporary table.

In these parallels the Hotel Çarshia of jupave has been operating for a decade now. There is no organizer, host or other person who for an important social, political, cultural, other sports and international character does not knock in the attractive atmosphere of the Bazaar! If you come to one of the highest personalities in these areas, you have not left without visiting this environment! Artists and athletes have experienced Gjakovë / Djakovica through this environment where the old architecture with the carved windows, the long shelter, the alley, the sofa … with the modern facilities, the halls, the rooms, Venaria Foods from different handsome, abundant and interwoven with specialties of this area as well as with others. There he finds everything, so whoever comes to Gjakova, has the pleasure to experience the warmth of the Bazaar of Jupce. Those who once visit this complex want to come to Gjakova as often as possible.

10 years are not much in this work with Hotel Çarshia e Jupave. Earlier, many years ago in beautiful Bahçen, every memory of our memory is nostalgically preserved. Prior to her was another successful 70-year-old Jupa family hoteler from Gjakova, who is leaving a trace in this area (mr. Gjakovapress.info)

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